Quality Youth Mentoring with Results

KEC uses passionate men and women with Kingdom backgrounds in counseling, coaching, youth development, & education, to create innovative workshops and creative experiences that positively impact the minds of our youth.  In addition KEC provides expert speakers specializing in specific topics most commonly effecting the successful progress of our youth academically, social-emotionally, and spiritually.  Together, these workshops  successfully navigate youth through responsible choices and responsible behaviors as they transition into their life's purposes as spiritually mature adults grounded in the principals that will help them to achieve their goals. Our Mentoring Workshops are kept every 1st and 3rd Friday @6:30pm

Opportunities to Develop and Utilize Gifts, Skills, & Talents

KEC provides development, training, and opportunities for youth to excel in their natural talents and abilities. From Songwriting, to Art, to Fashion Design, to Instrumental Instruction, to Dance, to Creative Writing, to Singing, to Drama, KEC has the instructional support, the experience, and the love to teach the youth, and encourage the youth to take their gifts and abilities to their greatest potential in GOD. 

All youth have the great honor and privilege every 4th Friday to showcase these gifts and talents as a Worship to their Lord.

Get Your Youth Involved in Our Mentoring and Training Programs Today. 

No Cost, No Stipulations, No Fees. Its's just Kingdom hearts at work. Please contact our Youth Ministers, Minister Janae Robertson or Minister Kyle Robertson directly via email at [email protected]


Be A Speaker/Artist for Our Youth Mentoring or Worship Service

This is all about KINGDOM Connections. So should you have the heart to serve our youth with your expertise , your knowledge, your heart for God, and your talent and/or abilities, please do not hesitate to contact Minister Janae or Kyle Robertson via email at [email protected] or via phone at (678) 444-4178