D.R.E.A.M. Worship Encounter (1st, 2nd, & 4th Sundays @10:30am)

Join us for the D.R.E.A.M. Worship Encounter where God meets us every morning for prophetic worship, divine encounters, a fresh, timely, spirit based word of power specific for you to thrust you into your greatest potential, and visible manifestations of God's power.

The Empowerment Banquet (3rd Sundays @4:00pm)

Similar to Matthew 22: 8-10, KEC is stretching out into the surrounding communities to literally bring  people into a Holy Spirit hosted banquet with Christ. Not only will the people be provided with an extravagant food menu to feast from, but in partnership with the Holy Spirit, KEC will meet the banquet guests at their specific area of need offering ministry, prayer, resources, and support.

Youth Worship Service (5th Sundays @10:30am)

5th Sundays' Worship services are lead and operated by our youth. The youth minister to the people of God with artistic gifts including  song and dance, the word, and prayer,  and they do it with the love and power of Jesus Christ.

Power Prayer (Tuesdays @5:00am)

Tuesday morning prayer is a very intimate moment of powerful prayer where the heart and mind of God is seen, felt, and heard. These prayers provide direction, instruction, and alert us to some of the things we can so easily miss in order to strengthen and build up the body of Christ for our assigned kingdom works. Meet us at the alter where the atmosphere is always set.

Wednesday Night S.E.T. (Spiritual Empowerment Training)

It's one thing to know and/or believe you walk in power and authority. It's another thing to be adequately trained on how to fully operate in that power and boldly exercise your authority. This is what the Wednesday night "S.E.T." is all about. At KEC you are not only trained, in the knowledge that makes you a strong force to be reckoned with, but you are provided with practical learning opportunities to use and practice that knowledge in order to build your confidence in who you are and what you can do. We provide training for the ministry gifts, spiritual gifts, devices of the enemy, dreams and dream interpretation, effective prayer, your spiritual weapons, and so much more according to the direction of the Holy Ghost!

The Healing Room (3rd Saturdays @11:30am)

The healing room is the healing pool and more. Come allow God to touch you in the place where healing is needed. We have trained healing gifts (persons) ready to push you into your supernatural healing manifestation. Have you received a bad report? Are you in need of a physical healing in your body?Are you in need of emotional healing in your heart? Get to the healing room where you are surrounded by people with the faith to believe and the power to bring forth your healing manifestation.