Mentoring Programs

KEC offers unique purposed driven mentoring programs to naturally and spiritually build people ages (4-7), (8-12,), (13-18), and (18-35) These programs are gifts based (both spiritual & natural) and centers around mountain based talent (media, arts & entertainment, business,, government, church, etc.), personal development, & life skills.. In addition, for the kids & youth, emphasis is placed on social emotional development, fine arts, and entrepreneurial development.

Operation B-12: The Millennial Construct

YouthTooth Connections

KEC uses passionate men and women with backgrounds in counseling, coaching, youth development, & education, to create innovative workshops and creative experiences that positively impact the minds of our youth. We focus on artz integration, introduce them and lead them early on into their prospective mountain of influence, build them naturally and spiritually coaching them thru entrepreneurial & professional development, SEL development, life skills, and spiritual development. In addition we create and provide the opportunities for the youth to practice, grow, and excel through conferences, networking activities, and creative expression platforms both spiritual and natural based. For more information about our Youth Tooth Connections email [email protected]

DREAM K.A.M.P. (Kidz Arts Mentoring Program)​

The Vision of D.R.E.A.M. K.A.M.P is to identify, develop, and nurture the gifts within our kids while we build, strengthen, and encourage the spirit and character that will see that these gifts successfully come out! In doing so we build up confident, Godly, entrepreneurial minded children who become game changers early on! DREAM K.A.M.P. includes your choice of 2 fine arts pathways, a choice in zumba or martial arts, interactive SEL based learning which covers positive & negative influences, decision making/problem solving, self image, bullying, & character building thru love, spiritual development and more. For more information on enrollment and registration you can visit our DREAM K.A.M.P. website at