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Pastor Michael Senior

Michael Senior is a Seer and an evangelistic Pastor committed to the expansion of God’s Kingdom. Michael has a gift of faith and a divine amount of wisdom that draws many to want to receive the message of the Lord. His teachings are distinct and delivered in a way to gauge the hearts and minds of his audiences. In addition to his teachings he also communicates the heart of God through prophetic art. He draws, paints, and illustrates God on walls and canvases. He has a sincere heart for God's people and a sincere and zealous heart for God. Michael’s charge being, to push, train, and equip people in their natural and spiritual gifts so that they are prepared to take their position on the Kingdom wall.

Elder Sandy Sewell

Sandy Sewell is a living embodiment of a true Evangelist using her natural gifts, ministry gifts, and creative or artistic gifts to teach, heal, and win souls for God. Extending all the way back to the 1980’s Sandy has spent decades serving God by serving others with the gifts bestowed upon her, as an Evangelist, Director of Evangelism, a Ministerial Teacher, a Counselor, a Prophetic Dancer, and a Seer. Naturally, Sandy is a certified educator, having received a bachelors degree in education. In addition, Sandy works in social and/or community affairs having received a second bachelors in social/human services and a life coach certification. Seemingly so, Sandy’s entire ministry extends to teaching others in the ways of Christ while working and advocating or evangelizing in the community in the most needy places (prisons, transitional homes, halfway houses, counseling agencies, etc.) to help people advance into better and abundant lives in Christ.

Prophetess/Pastor Rachel Senior

​Pastor Rachel Senior is a prophetic voice using music, dreams, and spirit lead messages to build her audiences up both spiritually and professionally. Rachel is uniquely gifted at exposing the hidden gifts within the individuals she serves pushing them closer to their purposed mountain of influence. She speaks with a commanding voice that carries the authority to ignite change in every individual she comes into contact with, and her music carries a heavenly sound that breaks yokes giving access into heaven for miracles, breakthroughs, and deliverance.  As a dreaming Prophet, she is given direct insight concerning God's heart and plans for His people and communicates it demonstratively.  Rachel is a songwriter, an entrepreneur, a professional educator, a certified life coach, a wife, and a mother of 6 wonderfully talented children. She is Founder & President to The Bethel Center Inc, and Founder to the She Builds Women's Leadership Conference. In every case she is using all her platforms to train and release people into their assigned mountain of purpose.

Elder Kyle Robertson

Elder Kyle Robertson is a husband, a father, an artist, a designer and a very strong Prophetic gift to the body. As a Prophet of God he not only speaks the heart and mind of God, but as a Seer, he prophetically flows in dreams and visions. Called to bring order and correction, Elder Kyle moves extensively in the Word of knowledge and the word of wisdom pushing people and directing people to their appropriate position in their appropriate place. Elder Kyle is a jack of all trades called to a millennial generation and to leaders to evoke change.

Our Ministers

Minister Janae Robertson

Minister Tyshon Waters

Minister Melissa White

Minister Katrina Franklin