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Kingdom Empowerment Training

KEC offers unique purposed driven training programs to naturally and spiritually build people up to successfully live out their abundant lives in their e mountain(s) of purpose. These programs are bible based, gifts based (both spiritual & natural), and prophetically led by the spirit. All our trainings are centered around your spiritual development, your personal development, and your mountain based talent(s) (media, arts & entertainment, business,, government, church, etc.). 

In addition, for the kids & youth, emphasis is placed on social emotional development, fine arts, and entrepreneurial development.

For the Adults

KEC provides frequent workshops and seminars on a continual basis throughout the year. These workshops and seminars cover both spiritual growth & development topics as well as personal growth & development topics to help you live a successful life in purpose. 

Some of our training topics include: The Seer Training, The Deliverance Minister, The Levitical Worshipper, The Ministry of the End Time Healer,  The 21st Century Evangelist, The 21st Century Prophet, Giftways to Purpose, Developing the Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur, Developing Leaders for Kingdom Work, The Effective Business Model, etc., Follow our website and/or our facebook page for upcoming trainings and training registration.

Project Rise is a "For the Times" Ministry work designed to develop the signs, miracles, and wonders walking end time evangelist. Whether you are an apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, evangelist, or a minister through your business, ministry work, or on your job there is a need in the land for the works of the evangelist. (2 Timothy 4:5)

The apostles drew people to Christ by their miraculous works. It's now time the body of Christ get positioned to execute the greater works. Therefore, Project Rise is uniting teachers, leaders, and trainers all over the globe to  get the miraculous works flowing in you that draw people's attention to Jesus. Follow our website or facebook page for the announcement of our first virtual seminar. 

Wednesday Night S.E.T.

It's one thing to know and/or believe you walk in power and authority. It's another thing to be adequately trained on how to fully operate in that power and boldly exercise your authority. This is what the Wednesday night "S.E.T." is all about. At KEC you are not only trained, in the knowledge that makes you a strong force to be reckoned with, but you are provided with practical learning opportunities to use and practice that knowledge in order to build your confidence in who you are and what you can do. We provide training for the ministry gifts, spiritual gifts, devices of the enemy, dreams and dream interpretation, effective prayer, your spiritual weapons, and so much more according to the direction of the Holy Ghost!


The B-12 Millennial Construct is a  FREE Ministerial Leadership Placement Program for the Transitioning Millennial. It is a 12 month training program specific to the young adult population. ( Ages 18-35). We offer training, that includes 7 Naturally and spiritually blended Leadership Development Seminars, Business and Entrepreneurial Development, Practical Development & Discovery of Gifts (Spiritual & Natural), & Individualized Career/Mountain focused preparation with placement and application into your assigned field among other topics. In addition, we offer a KEC CARES Package that provides job assistance, housing assistance, financial assistance, business start up assistance, and other counseling and coaching services. Finally at the conclusion of this program, our program mentees are officially licensed as ministers to go out and show Jesus in their target area of focus.

For the Kids/Youth

For our youth we are focused on their entire being. This includes social emotional development, academic & life skills coaching, their gifts & talents, and their spiritual development. So we provide the unique mentoring program experience as well as the fun and engaging spiritual training workshop experience that does it all. We make sure our youth are walking confident in both their spiritual and natural gifts. For our youth we offer:

YouthTooth Connections Mentoring Program

Provided every 3rd Thursday out of the month

YouthTooth Connections Spiritual Training & Development

Special Spiritual Training Workshops are offered one Saturday out of the month.

Every 1st Sunday, youth engage in an spiritual teaching during service.

YouthTooth Connections Worship Service

Every 5th Sunday of the Month

Our Children, (Ages 5-12) are provided mini "bible living" lessons with fun and impressionable activities every Sunday during the WORKS segment of Church In The City! In addition they are also trained and developed to minister every 5th Sunday during the YouthTooth Connections Worship Service.