"Therefore let us move beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and be taken forward to maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from acts that lead to death, and of faith in God" (Hebrews 6:1)


To be a safe place of spiritual nourishment & development, training, guidance, coaching, transition, resources, and most importantly love to the lost, misguided, hopeless, uncertain,  the unchurched, and the kingdom minded laborer in order to empower the people of God then release them into their Kingdom purposes to live prosperous lives in Christ!



Through Prophetic Demonstrations, Divine Revelation, Transformative Education, Godly Activation, and Miraculous Manifestations, Kingdom Empowerment Center will lead generations of people into their Kingdom purposes paving the way to Kingdom Reformation.

                 THE WORK

Kingdom Empowerment Center, located in McDonough, GA,  is a Prophetic Ministry in affiliation with Christ Centered Ministries Assembly out of Southfield, Michigan. Our Presiding Prelate, Apostolic Mother, and Pastor is Bishop Iona Locke, and our Prophetic mother is Overseer/Prophet Brenda Culpepper.

Kingdom Empowerment Center's work began July 2014 in the home of Pastors Michael an Rachel Senior. It had no name. It had no mission. There were no titles. It was simply Michael and Rachel Senior obeying the Lord to provide mentorship and guidance to one very young couple. This young couple would come to their home  every Monday evening at 7:30pm with a goal to receive the instruction of God that would ultimately push them, coach them, lead them, and place them in alignment to the purpose and plans of God over their lives.

Very quickly and very swiftly God begin to move miraculously in the lives of this young couple as they consistently came and applied every instruction given to them by God through Michael and Rachel Senior. As they continued to experience these extraordinarily astounding miracles in their lives in their obedience and submission to the will of the Lord, their excitement and joy over how the Lord was moving in their life would lead to tell and draw others. As a result others begin to attend the Monday evening sessions increasing from  2 to 5 people. 

By April 2015 Kingdom Empowerment Center was serving 7 people with a number of others rotating in and out. Noticing the shift, and growth, Pastor Rachel called out to her Prophetic Mother , Prophet Brenda Culpepper for wise counsel and guidance. Prophet Brenda Culpepper attended a Monday night meeting and provided instruction to the few in number about the plans God was requiring for this “work”. The instructions was to give it a name, create the vision, and add more meat and substance to the meetings. The Prophet then foretold that this was the beginning of the establishment of a church.

Both the founding pastors, Michael and Rachel Senior, would go on to follow the instruction of the Prophet Brenda Culpepper naming the "work" Kingdom Crowning Network and giving it a vision,  a mission, and a purpose and restructuring the delivery. KCN now launched for the first time in August 2015 as “Kingdom Crowning Network” providing content, teaching, power points, instruction, training, and out of the box methods to communicating the will of God. By August 2015, the numbers had doubled. By March 2016 the numbers had tripled with miracles and great fruit coming out of the lives of those attending the Monday evenings. After being closely observed, and monitored for close to three years, Pastors Rachel and Michael humbly submitted to the will of God, were ordained, laid hands on, and set as Pastors by Bishop Iona Locke. From that moment, Kingdom Crowing Network changed its name to Kingdom Empowerment Center as many businesses, agencies, and works begin to birth out of this place. Kingdom Empowerment Center also relocated out of the home of Pastors Michael and Rachel Senior and into their current location 245 Atlanta Street.  Pastors Michael and Rachel Senior have fully accepted their calling, their purpose, and are fully committed to using whatever radical methods of transformation, artistic gifts, and spiritual gifts God provides to continue to grow and develop all cultures of people in to their God given destinies.