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Welcome to Kingdom ​Empowerment Center

To Which Mountain do YOU Belong?

The vision and mission of Kingdom Empowerment Center births from the bible verse Matthew 6:10, "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Therefore we are a prophetic organization that serves to bring God's kingdom down to earth by identifying the gifts within the people of God then developing them into purpose conquering barriers of fear, self-doubt, complacency, etc.,  through training, coaching, teaching, ministering, and mentoring. Once adequately trained and prepared KEC then releases the people of God into their Kingdom assignments or "Mountain(s) of Influence" fully supported to live prosperously in the purposes of God. Whether you are uniquely assigned to family, business, media, church, education, arts, or government, KEC will help you identify your place(s) in the Kingdom, equip you to be mighty, prosperous, and influential in your place(s) in the Kingdom, and surround you with a network of support both spiritually and naturally as you carry out your role in the Kingdom.

Visit us Sundays, 10:30am at 245 Atlanta Street, McDonough, GA for Something New, Something Fresh, and Something that's Specifically for YOU

Experience the D.R.E.A.M.

For more specific information on the areas listed below, please click of "The D.R.E.A.M." tab listed above.

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Epic and Non-Traditional demonstrations  of God's power throughout all services leading to supernatural growth, healing, deliverance, resolve, and manifestation. See our "Non-Traditional" Services and Service Times by clicking the "D.R.E.A.M." tab above.


Divine insight, knowledge, and understanding made applicable to specific audiences through classes and ministerial teachings that will spiritually develop them for their purpose.


KEC believes that God is raising up 21st Century Prophets and Ministry Leaders with a powerful anointing unique for their time. As a result KEC  offers the "School of the Prophets" and the "Spiritual Gifts and Training Institute" to ensure that these individuals are operating at their full potential and in their highest calling.

Activation (Through the "Arts")

At KEC a major tool  used to activate God's people  into their purposes is the "Arts".  KEC uses music, art, and dance in a very unique and prophetic way to deliver people out of fear, procrastination, hurt, bondage, complacency, etc., heal them, and push them into the new. 

At KEC, music is a conduit by which God  demonstrates his power, thus KEC  established The Levitical Music Project. This is inclusive of a training  & preparation course for psalmist, songwriters, and mintrels, the prophetic worship experience, and a music production corner for KEC originals, all  created to activate the people of God to hear, receive, heal, and push further into their purposes. Likewise dance and art are utilized in the same way conveying visions, messages, and the word of God. KEC provides a children and youth corner to groom our children, youth, and young adults into the healthy and Godly expressions of these gifts through its neighboring organization "IC Collections."


Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them. (Matthew 7: 20)

Within KEC's ministerial existence, it has produced and served as the midwife to many births of businesses, agencies, organizations, authors, speakers, ministerial leaders, etc. As a direct result, KEC has become a tree with many branches serving as a major resource to the community in many ways. KEC has established "The Market Place Network" which is inclusive of several businesses and agencies birthing out of KEC to meet very important community or business needs in the land. All of which are exclusively known for their "A" quality style, service, and most importantly their anointing to manifest groundbreaking results. A list is provided under the "D.R.E.A.M." tab above. The Community Resource Center also provides education and career resources, food, clothing, and emergency assistance for families.

The Prophetic Alliance

The Prophetic Alliance is  a trained and seasoned company of Seers and Prophets whose purpose is to operate in the absolute fullness of their unique giftings, while being able to convey the word of the Lord through prophetic demonstrations, empowering those who experience their prophetic manifestations to move into their Kingdom Assignments. While the company is a distinct branch of Kingdom Empowerment Center, they travel to other ministries, facilities, and locations to provide the heart, mind, and instructions of the Lord to any given body. To request the Prophetic Alliance to your ministry or for your next prophetic event please send your request to [email protected] or contact  KEC at (678) 278-9750 

We are Out of the Box. We are Radical. We are Real. We are Spirit Driven.We are "Kingdom over Religion."

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The D.R.E.A.M. Experience

Sundays @10:30

3rd Sunday @4:00pm

Tuesdays @7:00pm

Times and Days vary by class for:

School of the Prophets

Spiritual Gifts and Training Institute